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Somewhere Still

           Denitta Ward

One woman's transformative journey of love, betrayal, and redemption. Come travel to the Roaring '20s when the rules were clear & made to be broken, and women were changing the world.
Finalist, Wishing Shelf Book Award
Nominee, 2018 Kansas Notable Book Award

Available through Ingram, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


        Prohibition Cocktails
        21 Secrets & Recipes

Prohibition Cocktails reveals the history, secrets, and recipes of 21 of the most popular drinks of the Roaring  Twenties. For 14 years, from 1920-1933, until the 21st Amendment passed, the production, sale, and transport of liquor were banned -- the rules were clear and made to be broken. The speakeasy cocktail culture flourished. From the sweet Mary Pickford to the startling Monkey Gland cocktail, come learn the secrets and history of  Prohibition Cocktails.

Color photos and a cocktail party planning guide with suggested 1920s appetizers, Roaring Twenties music, photo booth prop ideas, and a cocktails supply shopping list included.

Travel back to the time when the rules were clear and made to be broken.

Available for order through Ingram, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & Independent Bookstores.

Prohibition Cocktails

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